Sportsman’s Bible Study is your source for material to disciple men in Christ with an outdoor theme. There are new studies being written constantly so check back soon.,

Sportsman's Bible Study

How We Taught ‘Em
Here are YouTube videos links of the way I, Edgar Pierce, taught The Sportsman's Seasons- Season One. This was a Tuesday night study at a local outdoor store conference room.
Session 1- Preparing for the Season; Session 2- He’s Alive; Session 3- Feed, Seed or Weeds; Session 4- In the Way; Session 5- What a Drag; Session 6- Panting for God; Session 7- The Chipmunk Deer; Session 8- What Am I Forgetting; Session 9- Chigger Magnet; Session 10- Looking our Eyes Out; Session 11- Blood Trail; Session 12- High and Dry; Session 13-The Man-Eater is Coming














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