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I came across your Bible Study material while searching for a study geared towards the outdoors, specifically for hunting and fishing, for a men's outdoor ministry that I'm blessed to lead at First Baptist Church of Stanleyville and I wanted to give you some feedback on the material.After going through Season One, the entire group really liked the  format of the material and really grew from using it. It was engaging  and the entire group liked the fact that if they missed a class they  wasn't missing the entire study. The most important aspect of your  material is how God used it. There were two men in our group that didn't have a relationship with Christ. I believe God worked through your  material and used it to speak the Gospel message to these men. Each man  surrender their hearts to Christ asking Him to be their Savior and Lord. For one of the men, not only did he give his life to Christ but his 13  year old son did as well. Later on last summer, these men along with the one's son followed Christ in Believer's Baptism in of all things a  river!

James Davis, First Baptist Church of Stanleyville NC

I am always searching for materials to use as discipleship tools with the men we have the opportunity of winning to Christ at our outdoor events. Edgar Pierce speaks the language of men and does a great job of pointing them to Jesus. His Bible studies are relevant and compelling, helping men who are students of the outdoors also become students of the Creator. I wholeheartedly recommend these studies for use not only as discipleship materials, but also as excellent studies for men's groups in the church. They are written so well that even unchurched men will enjoy reading them and will soon find themselves being introduced to the One who made the great outdoors.

Chuck McAlister- Promise of Hope Ministries (Former host of Adventure Bound Outdoors on Outdoor Channel)

Edgar has met a great need in developing Bible study material geared to the outdoorsman. His curriculum will make it easier to start and maintain an ongoing men’s Bible study in your church and will also help introduce the unchurched man to the world of faith in a way in which he can identify.

Gary Miller- Outdoor Truths Ministries

"Real men, real life, real stories,  testing your faith, growing your wisdom, touching your heart.  True life transformation awaits if you embrace the challenge to experience Jesus through these Outdoorsman’s Chronicles!”

Robert Bradow. Founder - lead evangelist CrossHeir Outfitters

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